Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Iklan - Iklan Paling Unik di Dunia

(see other ads from this series here and here)

More comment on current economics:

("Mission Australia" campaign by creamstudios)

"Cream Studios" brings us the Google Earth view of the Bible:

(image credit: creamstudios)

Human? Non-human?

(image credit: adsoftheworld)


Bio- HiFi:

(image credit: creamstudios)

Nike: Hot Movement:

(image credit: creamstudios)

The Invisible Man:

Homo Aquaticus:

(image credit: Heru Suryoko)

Catching birds in flight... This image is pretty disturbing, but according to the creators, it supposed to make us aware about our environmental impact on Earth: (besides the bird is not real)

(image credit:

"Don't buy exotic animal souvenirs":

(image credit: Igor Omulecki)

Using animals (apes) for the various youth movements caricature:

"Museum of Communism" ads feature more political leaders:

We featured work of Thomas Herbrich before, so here are some updates:

Stress Call Center, and a bug working inside the computer (familiar themes...) -

(images credit: Thomas Herbrich)

What happened here?

(image credit: Johan Visschedijk)

Very good work by Jonathan Kitchen:

Free at last!

(images credit: creamstudios)

Wash your hands! "You eat what you touch" -

A few car-related ads:

Bringing the Post-it Art to the extreme (remember our Post-it Office Pranks?), these Honda ads can be impressive, when viewed large (click to see full-size) -

(image credit: adsoftheworld)

"Don't Spend Your Life in Traffic":

Some kind of Russian robot is trashing "Accord". Why?

The chickens do not need to cross the road any more:

A lure of photography:

(image credit: Roger Hagadone)

In case you missed this ad campaign during Bejing Olympics, here it is:
Hanging Spoon Champion... Fish Slicing Champion.... Weight-lifting champion... - all "Not Good Enough for Bejing!" - click to enlarge:

A few viral urban ads:

Beer in bus, where you don't really expect it:

Here is an interesting billboard, teaching you a new language:

(image credit: Peter Fuss)

Even grass is not immune for promotional schemes any more:
(this one was done for the launch of the Simpson's movie, more info)

(image credit:

Homer Simpson was painted next to the 180ft giant in the hillside above Cerne Abbas, Dorset - an ancient fertility symbol, which has been there for many centuries.


(images credit: creamstudios)

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